Thursday, 2 February 2017

A Difficult Colleague

ANNOUNCEMENT: this blog is coming to an end, but the good news is you can find me here instead @ Mind the Medic (I was really creative with the title).

I’m having trouble with one of my colleagues, one of my registrars to be exact.

In the beginning, we were fine. Everything went downhill pretty quickly when I questioned her about something. I didn’t do it in a rude way and I think I was justified to ask.

Now, she’s always so overly critical. Critiques every little thing I do. It gets to the point where it’s stopping me from doing things in her presence because I’m fed up with the constant nagging. That’s what it feels like, nagging. And it’s over things so inconsequential that I can’t really say anything to anyone. It just sounds silly. It’s enough of an issue to make me annoyed but not such a major issue for me to complain to someone about.

Fair enough, you’re making a point. But if you’re still making the same point after 2 minutes it becomes excessive. I get it. I shouldn’t have prescribed that medication, there’s others that are more suitable. I’ve gotten the take home message.

And it may come across like I don’t like being told off because I wrote this post recently, but I don’t feel that’s true. The other registrars tell me all the time about things I should change and mistakes I’ve made, they give constructive feedback. Yesterday, one of the other registrars told me I should have informed the nurse about a patient I brought over and explained why. I took it in. I wasn’t offended by it; it was intended to teach and I learnt the lesson. Job done.

I feel her intention seems to make me feel small in some way. She can be quite in-your-face, so I’m prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt and put this all down to her personality and wait it out. But it’s tiring. I’m always looking for small ways to not be near her.

If this had been an SJT question, I guess the first answer would be to speak to the person directly. But honestly I think I’m just going to ride it out to the end and hope I can keep my mouth shut and swallow the situation like a bitter pill. There’s only around 10 weeks to the end of the placement. I think I can make it.

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